Premium non-GMO Tofu

Kinoko fresh premium tofu is produced in the UAE from non-GMO soya beans, which are responsibly grown in Canada and are entirely preservative-free. We carefully source our soya beans to make sure our tofu is sustainably produced. Did you know that most soya beans in the world are grown on the soils that may not be completely GMO-free? 

Traditional Japanese recipe

Kinoko tofu is made with only 3 ingredients: water, soya beans and nigari (a natural seawater extract). In some recipes we replace nigari with fresh lemon juice to bind our tofu. Try both and choose your favourite! 

Cook it

Drain off the excess moisture and press your tofu. You can marinate it for 30 min (or even overnight). Fry it for 5-7 min in a well-heated pan with sesame oil or any other oil of your choice. If you want it crispier, lightly coat tofu with corn flour prior to frying. You can also sprinkle it with oil and then bake it in the oven at 165C for about 17-20 min.

Kinoko Tofu