Dried Mushrooms

Our essential selection of dried mushrooms is great to have handy to cook any recipe calling for mushrooms.

Simply rehydrate them in water!

Isn’t fresh food always better?

In fact, it is not, when it comes to mushrooms, for instance. Dried mushrooms have a deep, concentrated flavour and a robust meaty texture which is crucial for those following the plant-based lifestyle. Once the mushrooms are soaked, strained, and chopped, even just a small amount will add enormous flavor to a dish. If you enjoy wild mushrooms, you may be caught out of luck when your favourite mushroom is not in season. Dried mushrooms, on the other hand, are always available, aren’t as pricey as fresh, and are easy to store from about six months to two years in a dry and dark place

How many should I use?

Use about 30g (1oz) of dried mushrooms for every 100g (3-4oz) of fresh mushrooms needed for the recipe. Once rehydrated, the mushrooms will expand to give you a needed weight of fresh mushrooms stated in the recipe

How to reconstitute dried mushrooms?

Dried mushrooms need to be rehydrated before they’re used. To prepare them for use, microwave them for a minute in warm water and allow them to soak for about 30 minutes. Then remove the mushrooms, reserving the liquid, and rinse them in cool water to get rid of any debris. They are ready to use according to your recipe.

The soaking liquid is very flavourful and can be used in risottos, soups and lasagnas. Just strain it through the paper towel to remove the grit and add it while cooking one spoon at a time depending on a strength of flavor you are expecting to achieve. The “mushroom broth” can be stored in a fridge for up to 3 days

Dried can be tastier!